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NEWS | November 21, 2018 zynot Software Honored Four Times in Power BI November Feature Summary

Last week we were honored when Calendar, Ratings, Hourglass Chart, and Forecast Using Multiple Models were chosen by the Power BI team as four of the five custom visuals of the month. Calendar is excellent for conducting year-end reviews, Ratings enables users to present product ratings of any kind, Hourglass Chart allows users to quickly compare data before and after an event takes place, and Forecast Using Multiple Models lets you forecast budgets, sales, or demand. This was the first time four custom visuals from one company were honored in the same month, and we can’t wait to bring you more custom visuals.

Calendar by zynot Software allows you to track events within Power BI like never before. With Calendar, you can render events on specific days, which can be used as a reference during your report review.This visual is excellent for year-end reviews or simply examining next week’s schedule.

Key features include:
  • Ability to group events based on category
  • Multiple views available—Month, Week, Day, List
  • Ability to navigate to event details with a click
  • Ability to set workdays and hours
Download Calendar for free on Microsoft AppSource.

Presenting our new Power BI Custom Visual: Calendar

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Ratings by zynot Software allows you to add ratings or scores to reports. You can also assign ratings to specific groups. Imagine that you are a travel agent based in Philadelphia. You are frequently asked to make hotel recommendations, but you simply cannot decide whether the Morris House Hotel or the Alexander Inn is your favorite hotel. Using our Ratings visual, you decide to compile your clients’ ratings for the two hotels. You can now safely tell clients which hotel is generally preferred.

Download Ratings for free on Microsoft AppSource.

Here’s our New Power BI Custom Visual: Ratings

New Power BI Custom Visual: Forecast Using Multiple Models

Forecast using Multiple Models by zynot Software allows users to predict future data values using four different forecasting methods: linear regression, ARIMA, exponential smoothing, and neural networks.Let's say that you are an employee of the Australian Trade Commission.

Key features include:
  • Four different forecasting models
  • Ability to manually adjust parameters of the learning model
  • Wide range of date and time formats
  • Ability to choose the algorithm, show or hide confidence intervals, determine the split point, and apply data transformations
Download Forecast using Multiple Models free on Microsoft AppSource.

Hourglass Chart by zynot Software allows users to compare category values in two distinct periods in time. This visual also shows conversion rates or the change in a value.Imagine that you want to compare the performance of three airlines in getting their passengers to their respective destinations on time. With Hourglass Chart, you can quickly separate the data into two categories— the number of delayed flights and the total number of flights—and then further organize the data by each individual airline. Now, at a glance, you can identify which airline you should take when it is imperative that you arrive on time.

Download Hourglass Chart free on Microsoft AppSource.

New Power BI Custom Visual: Hourglass Chart