Power BI Experts

We are leading developers on the Power BI platform. We have delivered over 150 Power BI implementations
to Fortune 500 companies. 440,000 Microsoft partners use our Partner Facing BI reports to track operations, manage competencies,
and drive sales. Over 50,000 senior executives rely on our dashboards every day.

Power BI Expertise
  • Microsoft Preferred Supplier for Power BI
  • 200+ Power BI Certified engineers
  • Comprehensive Power BI Best Practices Guide
Custom Visuals
  • Created over 20 percent of custom visuals available on Microsoft AppSource
  • 400,000+ downloads of our custom visuals
  • Power BI consulting service provider at AppSource
  • Increasing Power BI adoption through development seminars

Leading Producer of Power BI Visuals

We are committed to developing and growing the Power BI community. We have
released 35 visuals that are available at Microsoft AppSource. The source code
is available on Github.

Power BI Visuals

Show data in quadrants, illustrating distribution and items that share common traits.

Quadrant Chart
Power BI Visuals

Add ratings or scores to reports.

Power BI Visuals

Use the Neural Network algorithm to forecast future values based on historical data.

Forecast using Neural Network
Power BI Visuals

Use the density-based clustering algorithm OPTICS to analyze groups within a dataset.

Clustering using OPTICS

Export Visuals from Power BI to PowerPoint

With Power BI Export to PPT by Zynot, you can export images of the visuals
from Power BI reports directly to Microsoft PowerPoint, creating a slide deck with the
latest data.

Key Features:
  • Export visuals from multiple reports and workspaces (including My Workspace).
  • Export certified and non-certified custom visuals, including R visuals.
  • Support for custom Microsoft PowerPoint templates, including custom headers and footers.
  • Selected Power BI visuals are exported as high-resolution images in Microsoft PowerPoint.

To get help on a specific question or problem please contact us at Support@zynotSoftware.com

Power BI Consulting

We have released three Power BI learning workshops that are available for free at
Microsoft AppSource Consulting Services.

Custom Power BI Visuals:
2-Wk Proof of Concept

We will help you bring your data visualization ideas to life. In this workshop, you will learn business requirements, develop a mock-up, develop a custom visual, and review and test the visual.

Power BI Data to Excel:
2-Wk Proof of Concept

We will help you build a solution that generates a consolidated Excel spreadsheet directly from Power BI data. In this workshop, you will build and demonstrate a working proof of concept.

Power BI for Business Analytics:
1-Day Workshop

We will cover the essential concepts required to help your organization use Power BI for business analytics. You will dive deep into Power BI components and learn hands-on report creation.

Case Studies

Case Study Custom Visual Allows Travel Company to Analyze Flight Performance

We created a custom visual that efficiently tracks flight route performance and displays critical KPIs.

ALM Toolkit Simplifies Deployment in Power BI

ALM Toolkit allows Power BI developers to track changes in development and control what code is deployed.

Custom Power BI Global Filter Makes Creating Reports Easy

Improves navigation, allows reports from multiple sources, and lets users apply filters without a pro license.

Automatically Check Power BI Reports for Critical Errors

Save time by automating Power BI error reports.

Customer Feedback Directly Integrated into Microsoft Power BI

Power BI solution lets users give direct feedback without third-party software.

ZYNOT Creates Power BI Visual From 11 Years of Inc. 5000 Data

Visitors can now interact with Inc. 5000 business growth data using Power BI.

Examine and Predict Election Results with Power BI Dashboard

Interactive Power BI dashboard allows users to forecast electoral college outcomes.

Boosting Black Friday Sales with AI

Zynot implements a state-of-the-art Azure and Power BI solution to report sales.

Consolidate Data on the Cloud for Better Marketing

Zynot delivers state-of-the-art solution to facilitate revenue growth for a software company.